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Philly Community Powered Footlocker Celebrates the Release of the Question Mid Double Cross Sneaker w/ Allen Iverson

Philly Community Powered Footlocker Celebrates the Release of the Question Mid Double Cross Sneaker w/ Allen Iverson

Philly Community Powered Footlocker Celebrates the Release of the Question Mid Double Cross Sneaker With  Allen Iverson


Reebok and Foot Locker pay homage to “the answer” with a new question.  To celebrate the legacy of iconic NBA basketball player Allen Iverson, nicknamed “the answer’,  Reebok launched a remix version of the classic Question Mid. Wednesday October 23, the new Question Mid Double Cross sneaker became available worldwide but only one store had Iverson in attendance.


The Question Mid Double Cross features a red and blue colorway that Iverson wore in his rookie season. This new sneaker now symbolizes Iverson’s unforgettable on-court “cross-overs” and his fashion forward influence.

The former 76er couldn’t think of anywhere better to be to celebrate the worldwide release other than in Philadelphia. The city that was once a place where he called home.


In his honor, the Footlocker community store in Wyncote held an interactive event with food and flair, opened to the public, featuring the new Reebok Question Mid Double Cross X Allen Iverson hosted by Gillie the King .


Allen Iverson fans waited nearly two hours to meet the cultural icon and to win a chance to go to the 76ers home opening game at the Wells Fargo center. Until his arrival, people were in the store just having a good time. Some were playing arcade classics and popular videos games. There was lots of dancing. Younger fans opted for tossing hoops and it seemed as if everyone was enjoying Whimsical popsicles.
The first 25 people to buy the Question Mid Double Cross shoe received access to an exclusive meet
and greet with Allen Iverson himself and was entered to win a pair of  Philadelphia Sixers tickets. According to Footlocker representatives the Footlocker Wyncote store was the only location Iverson visited  that day for the new sneaker launch.

” Reebok Question Mid Double Cross is actually launching across the country today. We
thought there was no better place to celebrate than in Philadelphia with Allen Iverson himself.
So it all nicely correlates with the first home game of the season for the 76ers. We really just
wanted to celebrate in our community power store here today with the man of the hour,”  said
Sarah Houseknecht, Director of Public Relations, Footlocker North America.
Philadelphia is also special to Footlocker because it is the second city in the country to have a community powered store. Footlocker only has three community stores in the US. These community stores focus on being

a platform in designated areas where people can celebrate the good things that are occurring in
their local neighborhoods. There are three community powered stores in total. The other two
are located in Detroit and Harlem. Philadelphia rolled out its power store model late last year.

“This store opened in February of this year so it’s  a concept that we’re trying, that offers full
family [products], men’s, women’s and kid’s. It also incorporates an activation space which is
what you see going on here today,” said Patrick Walsh, Vice President of Marketing Footlocker
North America. “So it really creates a hub for people who enjoy youth culture and sneaker
culture to come together and celebrate that on a regular basis. We want our store to become
part of the community where people actively come and do stuff they love from sports to art to
music. You’ll really see a variety of different events and activations,” he continues.
Iverson conducted a live interview with the “House of Highlights” as a part of the interactive
experience. “All I wanted to do was play harder than everybody,” said Iverson during the live interview with
host Omar Raja of House of Highlights. “I never thought I’d play with Kobe and Shaq,”  he said as he reminisced about playing as a Sixer. “Philly is an authentic place,” he continues. “It’s humbling for me to think that I could be a cultural icon. Michael Jordan did that for me. He made me think I could be who I became. When you have an impact on a whole culture and make people believe that anything is possible that makes me feel good about my mom, dad, and all those guys who made me believe that I can have an impact,” said


“When Allen Iverson became a player for the Philadelphia Sixers he brought a whole different
type of excitement to this city. He changed the whole landscaping of basketball with the way
he dressed, carried himself, and his attitude. You know, he brought hip-hop to basketball so just
to be here and be a part of this beautiful situation is a happy feeling,” said Gillie the King co-host
of music podcast Million Dollars Worth of Game and emcee for the evening. Gillie says he and Iverson are good friends, more like brothers. He says Philly is doing what they should be doing, which is representing one of the G.O.A.Ts (greatest of all time) that ever did it for Philadelphia.


“Iverson is a part of Philly community and it’s important that we continue to celebrate him
and his legacy and we’re able to do that today with our partner Reebok,” said Walsh

Written by Afea Tucker

Photos by Afea Tucker @its_ah_feeah


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