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Ohio’s Finest…Meet Buddy Vaughnn

Ohio’s Finest…Meet Buddy Vaughnn

Ohio’s finest rising star Buddy Vaughnn spoke with Kayla Marie from Industry Session about her music,  life and what’s to come in the future, Check out this amazing interview and see what our Buddy had to say..

Buddy Vaughnn

So tell us who is Buddy Vaughnn? Is that your real name?

Okay, before I tell you this story I’m letting you know I’m a complete square [laugh] but I have an explanation for my complete squareness. When I was younger I made my first Instagram page under my real name Brianna, well that got deleted and I was very upset. Getting a new IG I wanted a different name, I listen to a lot of rock bands all the time so I was listening to this song by Wiser called Buddy Holly; so I change my IG name to _BuddyHolly . I then found out that Buddy Holly was an actual person so then I changed it to Buddy Vaughnn because I wanted to be more professional. I got the Vaughnn from my Grandmother who name is Shirley Vaughnn, she was a singer in the 60’s. She performed with Temptations so I just took her last name …

Oh nice that was creative, to me Buddy Vaughnn is so catchy, its feminine, that’s why I wanted to know is that your real name, I love it!  So you’re from Ohio correct? Is that where you’re born and raise?

Yes, that’s correct I’m from Cleveland Ohio, I’m actually from Sinclair but I grew up in Richmond Heights.

Okay cool, so how is the music scene out there? 

Umm , I’m not gonna lie its decent. But I believe Cleveland Ohio as a whole is on the come up. I think we’re really on the come up with music and sports so its great. We just need to learn how to support each other more.

You know what, I’m right with you we are going through the same thing here in philly, people truly need to learn how to support each other ..


When did you realize you actually wanted to pursue a career as an artist?

You know actually I knew I wanted to be a singer around 8 or 9 yrs old, because I use to watch this show called the Naked Rivers Band, a group of guys, I really wanted to work with them. I use to write up songs all the time I really wanted to be in music, But I started signer since 4 but I didn’t really get vocal with it until I was 9

Okay awesome, so ever since you were 9 you began a passion for signing?

Yes, I’ve always sung at my school, when I attended Richmond Heights Elementary School, they always had me to solo.

How old are you now if you don’t mind me asking?

It’s okay, I’m eighteen.

On your IG page it states “ I make sounds in a mic” tell us what kind of sound would you say you have?

I say I’m very soulful, very genuine with my songs since I write all my songs. I kind of want to give people a feel for what I’m actually feeling. You can tell when someone is genuine and when they not really onboard. I just try to get all my feelings on my songs because I want people to know what I’m thinking. Kind of like an invitation to my party in my mind [laugh ] you just know what I’m thinking and that its real.

Right, so tell us about your new single Temptations?  you write it? Produced it? I think it’s a hot track.

Thank you, um I write it, my friend Dillan and I , he’s my music engineer, He helped me make the beat, he’s amazing . I love him a lot. That song is about a guy whom I can’t say that I loved him and I can’t say that I didn’t. We were in a relationship and I was with him all the time. I was going through a boyfriend phase. He was really messing with my mind. It was like he wanted to do relationship stuff but he didn’t want to be in a relationship. So the song Temptations is like I wanna be with him but I know I shouldn’t. It kind of came from that relationship.

Okay, how do you record your music in a studio? Live? What’s the process in creating your sound for Buddy Vaughnn?

Okay, so I’m actually always have a tempo or beat in my mind, here’s a little secret I’ll share. I actually wanted Temptations to be a fast pace song [ singing Temptations in a fast pace] but I thought about it and thought I should sing it slower so people can understand it better.  So I write the song, I do not do it live, I do play the piano so I did [ I’m not Alicia keys , laugh] I was talking to Dillan, I already recorded the song before we had a beat so we really had the feel of it. I wanted to do it slow so people could really have their heart in it. I don’t record live in the studio but when I think of a song I tell the engineer and we go from there.

Other than your music, who do you like and listen too? Who made your play list?

I listen to everything, I mean everything when I tell you everything I listen to Rhianna, Bon Jovi , Beyonce, Miley, Pearl Jam, The Weekend. The last two I mentioned I love them to pieces. Like I listen to everything, I went through my rap phase I love 90’s R&B I love Jodeci,  I’m very versatile with my music.

Nice, nice, you seem like an artist who’s versatile that can fit in and go with a lot of genre, I think your sound and voice is awesome.

Thank you

You’re welcome, Do you have anyone you would like to collaborate in the future, local or famous?

Yes, it’s probably like three here’s my top three, my dream would be to collaborate with The Weekend, Banks, and Artic Monkeys. Artic Monkeys is like a indie soft rock band. I love them so much, there last EP came out in 2015 I believe and I just love their music. The weekend, I loved him since trilogy.  Banks, she’s a very unique artist, she’s just dope and Rhianna she’s dope too I would like love to collaborate with them.

Any future projects coming up?

Oh yeah, I have an EP coming out on Valentine’s Day. It will have about 7 or 8 songs on it. I really excited I think people are really gonna like it.  I’m recording it now, just making sure every song is perfected how I want it to be perfected.

Is it like Temptations? Or will each song be slightly different?

Each song will be slightly different, I have this guy name Adam, he makes these amazing beats. One song I’m recording its slow and soft but the beat is like crazy. The song will wake you up. He’s just an amazing beat maker. I love him too and Dillan .

Awesome, what Buddy ultimate goal in life, career and personally?

I really wanna be able to provide for my family, just wanna give them the world. They truly helped me develop into the person I am today. I wanna win Grammys, VMA’s all that stuff. I also  wanna pursue  acting . I’m working on music, I wanna make sure that my craft isn’t something over looked. That’s kinda where I am but I’m pursuing music right now since that’s where I’m most confident in right now.

Speaking of personal, I know all the men and ladies wanna know is there anyone special in your life or are you looking for love?

The only person special in my life besides my parents is my dog Pookie . Yeah, I’m very, very, very single [laughing] I’m focusing on my music so I’m okay with being single.

Aww shot out to Pookie, I have a dog too what kind of dog do you have ?

He’s an Australia Silky Terrier he’s so little. He’s so bad. He has that little dog syndrome, he may be little but he will act like he can beat you up [laugh]

Is there anything else you would like to add or say to the people that follow you?

People should look out for my new single dropping soon before my EP hits , I have stuff coming out.

Where could people follow you at?

They can follow me on IG @buddyVaughnn Twitter @optimb  Snap Chat-Buddy

Wow it was a pleasure speaking witih you thank you for having us [Industry Session]

It was a pleasure speaking with you, I’m excited thanks for having me.






















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