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Ex…. Changing The Game of Hip-Hop

Ex…. Changing The Game of Hip-Hop

Ex (short for Extraordinaire) began his music journey in 2006 after stumbling over his lyrical ability. He discovered he could rhyme while writing a intro to a mixtape for an artist.

“I’ve been super hot since my first rhyme, its just an Innate ability” says Ex. In just weeks after rhyming he gained a local buzz an performed on showcases and school to tours.

In 2008 he dropped a mixtape titled “It’s Me”. This CD gained the attention of a few local record labels. Ex didn’t sign with either label after weeks of negotiation. Finally EX did a concert show performing the songs from the hit CD and shortly after took a break from music.

During his break he always wrote rhymes and recorded from time to time. In an attempt to check off the items on his bucket list he’s now returning for the year to release a farewell project title “Good Writen’s & Good Riddance”. This is simply a beautiful collection of music gathered over the 8 years. “It’s a classic. No one breathing will be able to put out a more versatile mixtape in 2017. I mean nobody. I guarantee it will be the mixtape of the year.” says EX.

If you crave a smooth flow with lots of charisma, wit and punchlines you want to stay tuned to EX. The plan is for him to put this project out and retire from rap permanently at the end of 2017.

GW&GR will be released in May 2017.

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