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Bernard Hopkins Loses Final Fight

Bernard Hopkins Loses Final Fight

A farwell turned into a fair loss as Bernard Hopkins  lost his final fight of his career on Saturday, being knocked out of the ring by his component Joe Smith Jr. This all happened during the eighth round which came as a surprise for the many fans there.  As Hopkins had 20 seconds to get into the ring, but due to a long delay the fight was called in favor of Smith. However, Smith who had more points but not unanimously. Smith led 67-66 on Cheatham’s scorecard and 69-64 on Taylor’s scorecard. However, Hopkins was leading 67-66 on Judge Russell’s scorecard.

Some may say that Hopkins did not prepare for his last and final possible victory and in fact showed in the ring. Others may say he was ready but ultimately was ready for what Smith had to bring to the ring. Hopkins, 51, went into this match with a record of 55-7-2 with 32 knockouts to his name.


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